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According to ancient scripts engraved on pottery and paintings of that time an emperor of the han owned up to 2500 pairs of chow chows for hunting purpose. The ancient breed is believed to have originated in mongolia and northern china slowly moving south with the nomadic tribes of mongolia.

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Some historians record that the tarters invaded china a thousand years before christ and brought back to the west some middle sized dogs that looked like lions with blue black tongues.

Chow chow history. Der chow chow wird bis 56 cm gross kann bis zu 30 kg schwer werden und wird in zwei felltypen gezuchtet. Lang oder kurzhaarig stehend bei kurzhaar pluschartig. In comparison to the bear the chow chow shares the characteristic blue tongue with the small bears of tibet and manchuria the ample skull the short snout and the square body in addition while most other canines have 42 teeth the chow chow has 44 teeth like the bear although usually lose their extra pair of teeth when they become adults.

Das besondere kennzeichen des chows sind die blauen lefzen und zunge auch der gaumen hat diese farbe. Chow chow origin history the chow chow first appeared and enjoyed its popularity during the han dysnasty. The chowtales historic archive has an in depth focus on historic preservation of chow breed history with a promise to the future that we shall never for get their glorious past.

His exact history is lost in the china of antiquity. Chow chow history according to experts has long speculated that the chow chows are one of the oldest dog breeds and genetic testing has proven that to be true. The chow chow often simply called the chow is one of the oldest breeds.

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