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This video is a perfect example of the well known quote survival of the fitest as you can see maggie is a very good and patient mother. An adorable 25 week old pitbull puppy trying to take a nap on the stairs while his brothers and sisters are yelping for attention.

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If you find the one that you want then you are able to contact the rescue or the organization. Cute puppy videos in this nursing newborn puppy or feeding milk to cute hungry newborn puppies compilation. You have to know that not all animals taken from rescue or organization is free.

Hopefully you are lucky to get a free pitbull puppy. Snows first litter with redz 5 females 4 males. She picked all.

Funky smile 1953212 views. Born dec 22 2019. You just need to visit the site and check the availability of pitbull puppy.

These pure bred. Labrador pitbull husky beagle puppies and more. Sometimes you need to pay for care cost.

Family decides to adopt a pitbull but she refuses to leave the shelter without her tiny best friend duration. After this beautiful pitbull momma gave birth to a litter of puppies she decided that she wanted her foster owners help looking after them. He was adopted this past friday august 24th 07 to a great family.

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