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Boykin Spaniel Puppies Boykin Spaniels and other Gun Dogs Available

Are you looking for a loyal and friendly companion? Look no further than the Boykin Spaniel! These adorable puppies are available now and ready to join your family.

What are Boykin Spaniel Puppies?

Boykin Spaniel puppies are a breed of dog that were originally bred for hunting in South Carolina. They are medium-sized dogs with a distinctive brown coat and a friendly, energetic personality. These puppies are great with children and make excellent family pets.

Problems and Solutions with Boykin Spaniel Puppies

One common problem with Boykin Spaniel puppies is their high energy levels. They require regular exercise and playtime to stay healthy and happy. However, this can be easily addressed by providing them with daily walks and opportunities to run and play.

Another issue with Boykin Spaniel puppies is their tendency to chew on things. This can be frustrating for owners, but can be solved by providing them with plenty of chew toys and bones to keep them occupied.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boykin Spaniel Puppies

Q: How big do Boykin Spaniel puppies get?

A: Boykin Spaniel puppies typically grow to be around 15-18 inches tall and weigh between 25-40 pounds.

Q: Are Boykin Spaniel puppies good with children?

A: Yes, Boykin Spaniel puppies are great with children and make excellent family pets.

Q: Do Boykin Spaniel puppies shed a lot?

A: Boykin Spaniel puppies do shed, but their coat is easy to maintain with regular brushing.

Tips for Boykin Spaniel Puppy Care

- Provide your puppy with plenty of exercise and playtime.

- Socialize your puppy with other dogs and people to prevent shyness or aggression.

- Train your puppy using positive reinforcement techniques.

- Provide your puppy with plenty of chew toys and bones to keep them occupied and prevent destructive chewing.


If you're looking for a loyal and friendly companion, consider getting a Boykin Spaniel puppy. These adorable puppies are great with children, easy to care for, and make excellent family pets. With proper care and attention, your Boykin Spaniel puppy will bring you joy for years to come.


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