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This may come as a surprise to many but the siberian husky comes in many colors ranging from black to pure white and everything in betweenincluding copper red agouti and sable. Few casual observers of this beautiful breed realize the variety of coat colors and patterns that a siberian husky can be.

The Differences Between A Siberian And A Quality Siberian

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The siberian husky is a beautiful dog breed with a thick coat that comes in a multitude of colors and markings.

Siberian husky coat types. The many different colored coat types that are accepted in the breed make it easy to mistake the siberian huskies as other dogs such as a german shepherd or alaskan malamute but there are physical and personality differences between these dogs. Most people seem to think that siberians are either black white or gray white. How much they shed tends to depend on the dog and not just the coat type my boy blaze is your standard coated type it should be plush but not too short or overly long he sheds all year round gets abit tufty during the warmer months but not toooo much but my girl skyla is a wooly type and she sheds twice a year and its alot.

Their coat is also usually short to medium in length although it is kept shorter if the dog is pulling sleds. The siberian husky is often mistaken for an alaskan husky which are not a breed but rather a working distinction or even their ancestral counterpart wolves. We will understand their different body types by analyzing the style of two diffe.

Huskies can even have a variety of markings and striking patterns not found in other breeds. Alaskan husky vs siberian husky coat. While single coated dogs have only one layer of fur huskies have two.

As a working dog bred for harsh conditions a siberian husky has what is known as a double coat. As a mixed breed the alaskan husky can be virtually any color solid or multi colored with any marking. If a siberian husky has a single coat he has either shed his fluffy undercoat for the warm summer months or is not a true husky.

Siberians can generally therefore withstand colder temperatures and are ideal for the longer safaris where they may have to. Each serves an important purpose in protecting the dogs skin and keeping him either cool or warm as needed. Both types of huskies have double coats to keep them warm in a cold climate.

In this episode we will talk about the different types of siberian huskies. Many people also believe that nearly all siberians have blue eyes. When it comes to the coats of the dogs siberians tend to have thicker fur than alaskans since many alaskans have been bred with racing in mind and therefore have more hound like coats.

Their blue or multi colored eyes and striking facial masks only add to the appeal of. A top coat and an undercoat. Coats of siberian husky.

The Differences Between A Siberian And A Quality Siberian

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