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Although you will also find miniature border aussies the general size of this breed is between medium to large. A mini australian shepherd has a height of 14 to 18 inches 36 to 46 cm and a weight of 17 to 30 pounds 8 to 14 kg.

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Border collies stands between 18 to 22 inches 46 to 56 cm and weighs 30 to 45 pounds 14 to 20 kg.

Mini aussie border collie mix size. Border collieaustralian shepherd mix. It is a cross between the australian shepherd and the border colliethe best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. Ich bin bonnie und im oktober bin ich 2 jahre alt geworden.

Australian shepherd coats are thick and medium length in black blue merle red merle and red with or without white markings. Very lively agile and attentive they are eager to please with a sixth sense about what the owner wants. Ich bin ein mischling.

The border collie australian shepherd mix will have a fairly long coat in a range of potential color combinations. Wir sind auf der suche nach einem welpen bzw. Der miniatur australian shepherd entwickelte sich aus dem grossen aussie.

Australian border collies are easy going perpetual puppies that love to play. Border collie australian shepherd mix coat and grooming. Die geschichte des miniature australian shepherds der umgangssprachlich auch mini aussie genannt wird entspricht deshalb weitgehend der seines grosseren verwandten.

A devoted friend and guardian. The border aussie is not a purebred dog. These medium sized canines are eager to please their owner and are generally rather easy to train but they can have an overabundance of energy and are at their healthiest when they get at least two hours of vigorous exercise per day.

Collie australian shepherd retriever oder mix der genannten rassen sportliche familie mit grossem kind sucht auf diesem wege nach einem der oben genannten hunde. It weighs between 30 to 75 pounds. The border aussie is a hybrid animal a cross between two popular herding dogs and is a highly intelligent breed with a great deal of energy.

Australian shepherd border collie kleinanzeigen jetzt finden oder inserieren. Courageous loyal and affectionate they are excellent childrens companions that are great with active children. Ebay kleinanzeigen kostenlos.

The size of the mini border aussie can be within that range but wont be as big as a standard size border collie. Australian border collies are highly intelligent and easy to train. Border collie and miniature australian shepherd mix mini border aussie source.

This dog looks more like the border collie than the australian shepherd.

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