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Just like lhasa apso shih apso is believed to be an independent dog breed they will follow you around bold closely with you but they will also get separation anxiety if left alone for a long time. It is a cross between a shih tzu and lhasa apso.

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Shih Apso Dog Breed Information And Pictures

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Shih tzu lhasa apso mix puppies. This lovable mix. They also got their parents trait of being great house dogs who are good with kids and love to follow family members around. The shih apso is a small cross or mixed breed whose parents are purebreds the lhasa apso and the shih tzu.

Dad is lhasa apso and mom is lhasa tzu. Finding the right shih apso puppy can be dog gone hard work. Weve four lhasa tzu lhasa apsoshih tzu puppies readily available for adoption.

They are deemed suitable and adjust well even to first time dog owners. These small dogs are usually light in coloring and come in shades of tan fawn white or gray. However keep in mind that this is a shih tzu terrier mix and most terrier breeds were bred for hunting.

She is also sometimes called the shih apso lhasa tzu shihapso lhasatzu or lhasa tzu. Lhasa apso shih tzu mix is often called shih apso or lhasa tzu. Shih apso is a small dog with a nose shorter.

Re homing fee is 550. The shih apso is not a purebred dog. Like its parents it falls within the toy dog category.

Three males then one female born 21118. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and understand that you can get any combination of the characteristics found in either breed. What is a lhasa apso shih tzu mix.

Our dogs are a part of our family as well. The shih tzu yorkshire terrier mix. Lhasa apso pups for sale we have 3 boys and 1 girl for sale both parents are much loved pets and can be seen puppies will have full vet check chipped and 1st injection before leave home.

The shorkie is a hard to resist easy to love little hybrid that many dog enthusiasts are going gaga over. Bekijk snel ons enorme aanbod lhasa apso pups. Lhasa apso pups te koop aangeboden op puppyplaatsnl puppyplaats is de plaats voor het vinden en aanbieden van leuke lhasa apso pups.

Shih tzu lhasa apso mix the shih apso is a mixed dog breed of the age old purebreds the shih tzu and the lhasa apso. This small toy dog is a cross between the shih tzu and lhasa apso and its commonly known as the shih apso or the lhasa tzu. Her life span averages between 12 to 15 years and she is a very loyal but sometimes jealous companion dog.

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The Shih Apso Facts Behind This Irresistibly Lovable Mix Breed

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