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We know this because a form of the prcd disease causing gene mutation was found in the breed representatives who. Top 10 small dog breeds that dont shed duration.

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Dog breed chinese crested powder puff. Description personality history pros and cons and more. There are 2 varieties of chinese crested dog the hairless and the powder puff. The chinese crested dog breed was created to be an invalids companion.

The crested is thought to have accompanied sailors china on the high seas about in 1530 hunting vermin between and during times of plague. Chinese crested dog history. The chinese crested powderpuff maybe one of those best kept secrets of the dog worldgentle happy loving and totally devoted to his owner.

Although they are called hairless these dogs may have a very short coat. The main difference between the two. While the hairless chinese crested requires an elaborate skincare routine the powder puff needs to be brushed and combed every day.

In that setting you wont find a better dog. The powder puffs can never be bred out however because all chinese crested dogs have the ability to produce them. They can almost read your mind and will lie in bed for hours without.

The chinese crested is found in two varieties hairless and powder puff and both types can be found in the same litter. They dont seem keen on mixing with other dogs much preferring the company of their owner. Eye and vision issues are unfortunately quite common in chinese crested dogs.

Chinese crested dog breed does not actually come from china. Chinese crested powder puff dog maxwentpro. Whether hairless or powder puff a chinese crested need s to be groomed to look good feel good and enjoy good health.

The crested dogs are recorded in china two thousand years ago but it was in central america that they were fostered keeping the breed alive when it fell out of favor in its native land. They will often have some fur typically on their head paws and tail. Animal facts recommended for you.

Health as with all breeds the chinese crested powderpuff may be predisposed to certain health problems including skin problems especially skin allergies you may notice that your dog has an allergic reaction to certain garments including wool and lanolin. According to a 2006 study progressive retinal atrophy also known as progressive rod cone degeneration appears to be an inherited condition in chinese cresteds. He developed from mexican or african hairless dogs that were decreased in size by the chinese.

Apart from the obvious difference between the two they are completely alike in every other respect. The h airless chinese crested is prone to sunburns blisters dry skin and so on. In 2018 they were ranked 79th in the american kennel clubs list of most popular dog breeds.

They make excellent companion dogs and once they have bonded to you you will have a loyal friend for life.

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