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As a result letting him sleep on the bed will not put him in charge of the household. Bandit my pearhead chihuahua gets so comfy in bed with me that i cant wake him up.

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Dog owners letting their dogs sleep in the bed with them is a popular trend.

Chihuahua sleeping in your bed. Being that chihuahuas are so small you may be afraid you will roll over on him or kick him in your sleep. I want a teacup chihuahua. However in most of the cases this is not true.

Create an elevated area at the back of the sleep area such as a dog bed or pillow so your puppy is sleeping in a clean area of the kennel. The trend is glorified in the media. The increased airflow beneath the bed prevents overheating.

If you live in a hot climate you may find that an elevated bed is best for your chihuahua. Has anyone had a problem with this. If so you probably cant imagine crawling in the bed without them there.

Does your dog sleep in the bed with you on a regular basis. I love to have my dogs sleep in bed with me. It is said by people that when owning a dog you dont have to let them to use your favorite chair or sleeping in your bed because they can turn into dominant or possessive dogs.

A raised bed is also suitable for use outside perhaps in a nice shady spot. But the reality is you may be risking your health by allowing your dog. Line the kennel or crate with newspaper in case of any nighttime accidents.

I am really interested in getting a chihuahua. My chihuahua ellie was sleeping in my sisters bed and i couldnt resist but to capture it on camera. They are so fragile.

So if you are afraid you will hurt your chi maybe it would be best to have them sleep in your room but in their own crate. Chihuahua puppy sleeping on bed. If you are an active sleeper thats a real possibility.

Is it dangerous to let the sleep with you because you might roll over on them. Its very important establish his sleeping area right away so she is not tempted to try to lay on your bed.

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