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The miniature bull terrier is a relatively healthy breed however as with all dogs there are known inherited conditions which we need to be aware of in order to help safeguard the health of the breed. Bull terriers are especially prone to heart problems hereditary zinc deficiency and patellar luxation.

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How to take better care of your bull terriers health prevention is definitely better than cure.

Bull terrier health problems. The good news is that staffordshire bull terriers have relatively few hereditary problems. Sadly like so many other purebred dogs they are at risk of certain conditions relating to their breed. Today well be looking at some of the most common staffy health problems and how to help your dog when they appear.

Observe your dog closely. Common health problems in staffordshire bull terriers. Nevertheless the btc is keen to see these diseases eradicated from the gene pool wherever possible and as a first stage seeks to.

As a breed the staffordshire bull terrier is known for being a stocky strong and muscular dog. Hearing loss can affect both ears or just one sideif it is unilateral the bull terrier can have a normal life without major complications but always with veterinary monitoring specifically tailored to the partially deaf dogs health and needs. There are relatively few hereditary diseases that bull terriers suffer from.

Its important to be aware of the common health issues among. Common health issues in bull terriers bull terrier puppies are highly cute and lovable a great addition to any home. However as with most breeds there are a few hereditary and common problems staffies can develop.

Staffies are wonderfully loving pets and most owners report just how cuddly and sweet natured their staffie is. Heart disease especially mitral valve disease and subaortic stenosis is a serious concern in both standard and mini bull terriers. Miniature bull terrier health.

My best selling book 11 things you must do right to keep your dog healthy and happy shows you how to raise your staffordshire bull terrier in all the right ways that help prevent health problems. Approximately 18 of bull terriers are born with hearing problems making this disorder the most common in white individuals due to hereditary causes. But most health problems can be prevented by the ways you raise your dog.

Kidney diseases are another major problem bull terriers suffer from several types of kidney disease. The bull terrier club is committed to ensuring that the breed remains healthy and active and as free from disease as is possible. But before you can consider purchase it is important to make sure that you are not getting any sick dog that can lead to worries.

Some of the most common issues include the following. Complete list of standard miniature bull terrier health problems. Staffies are generally considered to be very healthy dogs overall and rather robust.

It is better to detect and treat any early signs of potential dog health problems to ensure the well being of your pet. You should always be aware of the most common staffy health problems whether you already own a staffie or are just considering getting one. Become your dogs health care champion.

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