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Sable stands for any shade of light gold to rich mahogany or dark shaded red. Smooth coat border collie breeders.

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Smooth coat red merle border collie. They will herd anything that moves and are also excellent agility dogs. These include solid bicolor tricolor merle and sable with no color or pattern preferred over another. An average price of 600 but it can go up to 4500 depending on the breeders location the dogs lineage or if youre looking for a pet or working border collie.

Besides being one gorgeous dog the border collie is also very hardworking and somewhat of a workaholic. Tan markings are preferred but their absence should not be penalised. Males grow larger than females.

Tricolour is predominantly black with tan markings on legs and head. He lives with robert and lydia dahl of lafayette colorado where he hikes does agility and herding. Border collies are the most popular for many reasons so feel free to ask any questions you may have about this wonderful working breed.

They are very loyal and aim to please. More than anything they want to spend time with you. Both beautiful dogs live in belgium with marnix and christel van den steen who own the border collie kennel of maranns home.

Rising sun farm is recognized for producing outstanding border colliesour dogs come from champion bloodlines and excel in every venuewe breed selectively for structure temperament and abilityrising sun collies have been placed in homes around the world and make excellent working dogs and family companions. Colors greatly vary from gold red lilac chocolate sable blue merle and of course black and whites and although some. Border collie puppies for sale at rising sun farm.

Border collies range between 18 to 22 inches tall at the shoulder weighing between 25 and 55 pounds. Left is ginnylands red arrow called rex owned by marnix and christel van den steen of border collies of maranns home in belgium. The american kennel club notes that the smooth coated variety has shorter hair over the entire.

Aidan right is an almost solid red dog that originally comes from border collie rescue texas. Abca border collies border collies are extremely intelligent herding dogs first bred to work sheep. Since both the rough and smooth coat border collie is the same breed they cost like every other border dog.

The american kennel club akc breed standard allows all colors or combination of colors andor markings for border collies. Rough and smooth collie standard recognizes three colours. The red merle bitch puppy on the left is called dakota of maranns home and the red merle male on the right is falconmoor merle invasion called indy.

Indy is an english import. Collie colours and genetics. Both the rough and smooth coated border collies have a top coat and undercoat dense and resistant to the elements.

Registered with abca akc for the farm or companion. These are not a dog to sit around the house all day and be happy with a 10 min. Photo by ken.

Blue merle is clear silvery blue splashed and marbled with black.

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