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Like many larger breeds the border collie does better with older or supervised children. Having said that any good book of dog breeds will show you some similar breeds.

Border Collie Wikipedia

Border Collie Wikipedia

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Border collies look like a lightweight version of the aussie but have a feathered tail that reaches the hocks.

Dog breeds like border collie. They are sometimes suspicious of strangers but are usually good with other dogs and family pets. She loves going on walks and eating frozen carrots. Socialising a collie from a young age is essential.

You can find many good dog books at your local library also magazines such as dog world and dog fancy. Some people say the border collie is the smartest dog breed. The head looks like that of a collie and the dog is longer than it is tall.

They are sometimes suspicious of strangers but are usually good with other dogs and family pets. Their size is small enough that they are agile and perfect for most apartments and condos but large enough that they are sturdy unlike smaller fragile breeds. As a medium sized dog breed border collies weigh between 30 to 45 pounds and are 18 22 inches tall from ground to shoulder.

The border collie is a well balanced medium sized dog of athletic appearance displaying style and agility in equal measure with soundness and strength. He is known for his intense stare or eye with which he. List of border collie mix breed dogs nova the border collie labrador retriever mix breed dog as a puppy at 6 months old nova is a fireball.

A dog like a person is much more than its hair. The border collie dog breed was developed to gather and control sheep in the hilly border country between scotland and england. They respond incredibly well to positive reinforcement but their training must be consistent and always fair.

However like all dogs a border collies training and education must start early for them to be truly well rounded dogs. Often considered the worlds best herding dog the border collie is a smart intense workaholic with legendary focus and the. Dogs need understand their place in a pack and who is alpha.

The shetland sheepdog and the collie were developed from the border collie. They have a jaunty appearance with upright ears that drop over at the tips.

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