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Slate merles are becoming popular but its not an official color of the border collie as per the akc. It has the same incredible work ethic intelligence and energy as any other colored border collie.

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Border collies come in an array of coat colors and mixtures.

Blue merle border collie colors. Problems can occur when you get a phantom merle a dog that genetically is a merle but does not appear to be one. Border collies who have this coat has one parent whos a merle and the other has two recessive dilute genes. Unlike the collies two base color genes the merle gene is not a color gene.

For breeders to get a blue merle border collie one of its parents should be carrying the merle gene. There is no color gene in collies for blue coat color only for black coat and brown coat. The slate shade is more striking as the white black or blue coat color is diluted.

Blue merle is actually one of the rarest border collie coat colors. In fact it produces no pigment at all. If you have ever had any contact with the blue merle and know what type of dog this is now you can learn more.

The american kennel club akc breed standard allows all colors or combination of colors andor markings for border collies. A blue tricolour merle dog has two copies of the tricolour gene and one of merle. To look at him you cant help by being in awe of the beautiful striking color combos and unique eyes.

The merle gene turns some parts of a black coat to grey by not allowing the black color to come through completely. Risks in breeding blue merle border collie. These include solid bicolor tricolor merle and sable with no color or pattern preferred over another.

Blue tricolour merle same as black tricolour but with the merle gene also present. Genetics can be tricky and complicated but to simply put it a dogs coat color is a result of two base colors a dominant and a recessive gene that it will inherit from its parents. Border collie blue merle kaufen geben sie ihre e mail adresse an um eine benachrichtigung mit den neusten suchergebnissen zu erhalten fur border collie blue merle kaufen.

Blue merle border collie breeding genetics. Slate merle border collie source. Dieses feld ist erforderlich.

The blue merle border collie is a clever herding dog with ancient roots. Only the most unscrupulous of breeders. The slate merle border collie is similar to the blue merle.

For this to happen the dog needs two copies of the recessive dilute gene and just one copy of the merle. Blue merle border collie breeders as weve touched upon should avoid breeding merles with one another. Blue merle border collie puppies like all puppies may be challenging to train but its more than possible and will pay dividends in the future.

The merle gene has. However this slate color is apparent because the blueblackwhite coat color has been diluted. This dog could then inadvertently be mated with another merle.

Arguably one of the most beautiful is the blue merle color. Besides being one gorgeous dog the border collie is also very hardworking and somewhat of a workaholic.

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