45+ Chorkie Chihuahua Mix With Yorkie

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Bred by combining two toy dog breeds the chihuahua yorkshire terrier mix or chorkie for short is a spunky little dog with lots of personality. While the chihuahua can be a yappy and sometimes aggressive dog the chihuahua yorkshire terrier mix is most certainly not.

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However there are a few hereditary health conditions to be aware of in both the chihuahua and the yorkshire terrier line that could affect your chorkie.

Chorkie chihuahua mix with yorkie. Shes not the dog for you if you have small children at home however. Chorkies also known as yorkchis are mixed breed pups created by crossing a yorkshire terrier yorkie with a chihuahua. Come and find out more about the chorkie.

Small sassy and definitely not what you would call sedentary. They are low maintenance so theyre a great choice for people who lead busy lives or arent overly keen on exercise. A chorkie is the proud and powerful result of a chihuahua and a yorkshire terrier.

Find out more about its health grooming training and more. The tiny size yorkie chihuahua mix chorkie has the unique temperament of 2 loved breeds. It is a loving and affectionate dog and it prefers to stay close to its owners and would choose to lie on its owners lap rather than run around and play with its toys.

Chorkie health and care. The yorkie chihuahua mix comes from two relatively healthy and long living breeds. A chorkie dog may only be 6 to 9 inches but do not let their tiny demeanour fool you.

If you love chihuahuas as well as yorkshire terriers the chorkie may be the perfect pup for you. Chorkies are generally very small falling in the toy dogs category but this little one seems to forget her size whenever she lets out a sharp and resounding bark alerting. What is a chorkie.

The chihuahua yorkie mix or chorkie is a small crossbreed whose appearance can vary. Once you meet a yorkie chihuahua mix you will understand just how confident they really are.

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