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The smooth coat chihuahua is of mexican origin although there are theories it originated in europe. Chihuahuas come from chihuahua mexico a state of the same name.

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Und felinchen ist ein traumnoch frei.

Little mexican dogs chihuahua. Lets start with popular destinations. The most common and most likely theory is that chihuahuas are descended from the techichi a companion dog favored by the toltec civilization in mexico. Mehr auf der seite abzugeben.

Wheeled dog toys in mesoamerica depicting both apple and deer headed chihuahuas range from mexico to el salvador. Chihuahuas from my little dog. It is one of the most popular companion breeds today.

These are based on the erroneous assumption that there were no dogs in mexico at the time of the spanish conquest. The earliest of these were found at tres zapotes in veracruz mexico which dates to 100 ad indirect evidence that a chihuahua like breed was in mexico over 1400 years before the first europeans arrived. They are a little larger than the previous chihuahua.

The chihuahua is the oldest breed in the americas so popular. Boo boo a long haired chihuahua measured only 4 inches and weighed about 2 pounds. The shape of the head is longer and in some cases reminiscent of a small deer.

Archeological expeditions have uncovered many artifacts displaying examples of. Everyone in mexico seems to have one of those cute but sometimes fierce little dogs with the big ears. Mit den derzeit wohl strengsten zuchtauflagen fur den chihuahua in deutschland.

Bis zu 30 ausstellungen im jahr waren keine seltenheit. They are somewhat taller and more stylized but equally show a delicate and sweet appearance that you will fall in love with. The breed is named in honor of the mexican state of chihuahua that borders texas and new mexico.

So ist er der einzige chihuahua betreuende verein im vdh der pl 00 zur zucht fordert. Fruher bin ich mit meinen chihuahuas sehr viel und sehr gerne zu hunde ausstellungen im in und auch ausland gefahren. The chihuahua is the oldest breed on the.

Chihuahua names inspired by mexican heritage. Four out of the ten akc popular breeds have been small dogs under 20lbs and the chi has held steady position among the four. The chihuahua deer head.

The chihuahua hails from mexico. The chihuahua is a saucy little hot tamale and not just because of his association with a certain fast food mexican restaurant. There were in fact many dogs there at that time.

With this in mind you can use this heritage for chihuahua names. Hes renowned for being the worlds smallest dog but he may well.

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