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It is referred to as a canid hybrid and is often the result of mixing a wolf with either an alaskan malamute siberian husky or german shepherd. Jerry heasley recommended for you.

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What a gentle giant.

Timber wolf x siberian husky. The alusky is a hybrid dog being a cross between the siberian husky and the alaskan malamute. Today at the dog park was a massive wolf dog. Husky vs wolf info and comparison 1967 shelby gt500 barn find and appraisal that buyer uses to pay widow price revealed duration.

They are often used to pull sleds in northern regions simply because they are said to be the cross breed of the fastest dogs. Today they are not only kept as a sled dog but also as a pet because of their beauty and playfulness. 5050 timberwolfhusky playing with 5050 pit bullgreat dane and full blood doberman.

He is also bi eyed which is in the husky genes. Beautiful pup and link my husky had a blast playing with him. The mom is new foundland red wolf x siberian husky.

Is owning a tame wolf cross illegal. Siberian husky wolf hybrids in florida. Yahoo answers i found a malamute x timber wolf breeder with loving puppies for sale.

I mean the size difference alone made my jaw drop. I want one because they are well socialized with everything and wont kill. The normal size of this breed ranges from 60 lbsfemale to 120 lbsmalebeing very thin and tall it.

He is about 72 cm tall at the shoulders and weights 110 pounds and has inherited one blue eye from his siberian husky heritage while the other is amber. Husky a popular breed in places having cold weather the husky is a type of dog that resembles the wolf. I first met charlie my siberian husky timber wolf mix at a homeless shelter for youth.

The father is siberian husky x timber wolf. This is a rare breed and will be planned pups will be ready in november will be taken orders there will be atleast 4 6 pups they will be born in september mother is a full husky father is a full timber wolf please do research on these dogs as they wont be sold to just anyone. Charlie needed a foster home so that his owner could focus on getting his own life on track his owner has since reunited with his human family.

Are malamute and husky descended from wolf. I own a mid content siberian husky x canadian grey wolf male and he is totally amazingloving and loyal and i trust him 100 and i know that he will protect from any harm since he has already done so twice. New foundland red wolf x timber wolf x siberian husky.

A timber wolf is a dog breed which is a resulted of breeding between a domesticated dog and a wolf.

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