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Hopefully these fun facts have whet your appetite to learn more about this breed. Because of its snub nose it gets difficulty to breathe in extreme temperatures and also.

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8 Fun Facts About Boston Terriers

Boston Terrier Dog Breed Information

With that said boston terriers are still very sociable animals.

Facts about boston terriers. Boston terrier health problems. The boston terrier was officially recognized by the state in 1971. Dexter the boston terrier has even mastered the.

Please share this with other people. Boston terriers are a breed of dogthey are considered to be one of the few american breeds as they can trace their origins to boston massachusetts. Recognized in 1893 by the american kennel club the boston terrier is a true all american dog breed.

Boston terriers are intelligent and eager to please so its easy to train them. The boston terrier is a unique dog breed with its own history. Like their english bulldogs relatives early boston terriers were bred for pit fighting and were much larger and heavier than they are today weighing up to 44 poundsmodern boston terriers typically weigh about half that much as dog fighting fell out of fashion and legality the breed morphed into the smaller companion animal we know today.

Even when theyre being standoffish they still act polite towards other people. Boston terrier dog breed overview. Boston terriers will definitely be protective of you if you were their companion.

The boston terrier is prone to some health issues like cataract entropion cherry eye deafness patellar luxation skin allergies etc. This breed is considered a non sporting breed which is a generalized group for breeds with varying backgrounds and appearances. People from all around the world loves the boston terrier breed of dog.

Boston terriers were bred to fight. Dexter the boston terrier has even mastered the skateboard. This beautiful dog breed has some interesting facts.

Theyre fairly outgoing for the most part. Massachusetts loves boston terriers. Presidential pooches president gerald ford had two boston terriers named fleck and spot.

Here are 8 interesting facts about the boston terrier breed of dog. The boston terrier as a state dog was proposed by a gregory w. They will even act as a watchdog whenever its necessary.

The state of massachusetts loved this breed so much that they made it their state dog. Its hard to believe that these comical family friendly dogs were originally bred to be ferocious pit fighting dogs tracing their ancestors to an english bulldog and the now extinct english white terrier. Boston terriers have pointed ears while french bulldogs have rounded ones.

Harding had one called hub. More than 90 pups of this breed are delivered by c section due to their large heads.

20 Cool Facts About The Boston Terrier Breed

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