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They may grow up with them and be good family pets. The term pit bull terrier is generalized to describe a variety of dogs of the molosser family the names of which are american pit bull terrier american staffordshire terrier and staffordshire bull terrier.

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Staffordshire bull terrier vs pit bull can they be trained easily.

A pit bull terrier. 1898 erkannte der neu gegrundete united kennel club ukc der bis heute nicht mit der fci kooperiert den american pit bull terrier als eigenstandige rasse an. The american pit bull terrier handbook everything about purchase training grooming health and behavior with full color photographs. The first of these the pit bull terrier originated in england and was bred with fighting in mind.

American pit bull terriers american staffordshire terriers. Both pit bull and bull terrier are great with children. They are strong sturdy dogs so they need to be trained not to use their power aggressively.

You can expect similar qualities in the pit bull terrier dog breed. Darum weist die mehrheit der american pit bull terrier eine sehr grosse ahnlichkeit zum american staffordshire terrier auf allerdings konnen auch optische abweichungen vorkommen. The american pit bull terrier is the smaller of the two dogs usually weighing up to around 60 pounds and standing between 17 and 21 inches at the shoulder.

You may think you know a pit bull when you see one but you could be confusing him with an american staffordshire terrier. By knowing the differences between pit bull and bull terrier is frequently important particularly if somebody was deciding to breed or buy any of the mentioned breeds as well as not make mistakes of choosing the wrong breed. The american pit bull terrier is a dog that often strikes fear into the hearts of people who are looking to adopt one.

Barrons educational series hauppauge ny 2000 isbn 0 7641 1052 7. Lange zeit kam es auch noch zu kreuzungen zwischen am staffs und pit bulls. It isnt difficult to train either a staffordshire bull terrier or a pit bull as long as you have a firm hand.

Pitbull terrier hook based on the song pit bull from the film black cat white cat directed by emir kusturica used with permission die antwoord represented by ciulla management los angeles. After all everyone has heard the horror stories about the ferocious and aggressive nature of these dogs from countless television and magazine articles. The american pit bull terrier is a working dog and is suitable for a wide range of working disciplines due to their intelligence high energy and endurance.

A tough looking dog indeed but quite calm from within.

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