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Different types of chihuahua dog breeds body head and coat styles march 10 2019 by mayang jacobs 62 comments most people dont know that there are several types of chihuahua since they mistakenly assume that all chihuahuas look alike. The only difference between the teacup chihuahua and the other types of chihuahua dog breeds is just the size.

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Weve compiled a list of the different type of chihuahua.

Type of dog chihuahua. The apple head chihuahua being the most common type of chihuahua dog is categorized and identified by the similarities of an apple just a little less tasty and more furry and cute. Chihuahuas can be easily frightened or provoked to attack so are generally unsuitable for homes with small children. The chihuahua is an energetic dog and requires daily exercise to release pent up energy.

The teacup chihuahua is any dog of its type that weighs less than 5 pounds with a height of 9 inches. They tend to be taller and thinner with more delicate fawn like paws. However it is important to note that in order for a chihuahua to be recognized as a teacup it needs to be an adult dog while meeting the height and weight requirements.

The best type of toys for a chihuahua help to burn energy cater to their natural chase instinct. And provide mental stimulation and challenge. Chihuahuas are a fascinating breed and one that briefly took the world by storm gaining more popularity after being spotted in celeb hands and handbags like paris hilton demi moore reese witherspoon and even at some point marilyn monroe whose pooch was named josepha.

Youve seen cute pictures of the chihuahua you want but you cannot find the type of chihuahua breed. With the proper training a chihuahua needs this dog can be extremely intelligent. Chihuahuas tend to learn better when being rewarded with a treat or positive reinforcement.

Chihuahuas are all dog fully capable of competing in dog sports such as. The chihuahua dog breeds charms include their small size big personality and variety in coat types and colors. Their noses are also longer.

The way a dog is trained will influence its behavior. This type of chihuahua is the breeds standard recognized by the akc. Any chihuahua that does not have the characteristic apple shaped head is referred to as a deer head.

Today were digging into the history of the chihuahua and the different types of chihuahuas than fans of the. In fact you can tell which type of chihuahua youre looking at with just one glance especially when youre used to the different shapes. Head shapes and breeds chis can also be differentiated by the shape of their head.

If it outgrows these requirements when it reaches maturity then it is not a teacup chihuahua. Although officially there are only 2 types weve made an overview of the 5 different types of chihuahuas. Similar looking to little deer this type of chihuahua has a sloped forehead and a smaller head which is elongated.

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