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Ppl say that pitbulls are dangerous dogs this is my dog he is two years old his name is tazo he hasnt fight and he will never do. It could pass for pure pitbull once they are shaved.

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Pitbull and chow chow mix puppies. Their looks are unpredictable as can be their temperaments and with their chow chow parent they have the potential for aggressive behavior. Pitchows will inherit the temperament of both the pitbull and the chow chow. Weve called her the little black panther a black bear cub or even a hell hound.

Popular content related to chow chow pit bull. Her tongue is black specific to the chow chow breed. Based on the typical behavior of the parent dogs the pitchow will most likely be an independent and playful dog.

Bella is a 3 month old half pitbull half chow chow mix. Please share it and subscribe. It is a full grown pitchow that could weigh up to.

The chow lab mix also known as a chabrador make for adorable puppies that can grow into friendly affectionate pets. Chow chow pitbull pitchow. It also inherits the classic blue tongue of chow chow.

The pitchow is the mix between the american pitbull terrier and the chow chow. He is mixed chow chow pitbull no dangerous dog at all. Chow chow puppies and dogs video compilation cutest puppies.

Our dog bella is a 1 year old pitbull chow chow mix. Our chow chow puppy penny playing with pit bull and belgian malinois both puppies duration. It has numerous characteristics as well as an appearance of pitbull.

Hope you like our puppies compilation can we hit 1k likes on this video. The pitchow is a pitbull mix which is the result of crossing pitbull and chow chow.

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