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They snore very loudly most. Its easy to look at a great dane and know hes a large dog and to see a yorkshire terrier and know shes a small dog.

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Is a bulldog a large breed. Right breed for you. My vet referred to my bulldog as large breed not because of size but more because of guestimated weight and the stress the weight puts on the joints. It is believed bulldogs were developed during the 16th century elizabethan era from the large mastiffs as smaller more compact dogs were better suited for baiting.

Some bullies in this forum are only 30 35 lbs fully grown and some are 65 75 lbs plus making some medium breed and some large breed. But when dogs can weigh as little as 4 pounds or over 100 pounds depending on the breed its not easy to define what makes a dog a medium size breedwhile there are some vague definitions of what makes a dog medium or large based solely on his weight the distinction mostly. Do you consider english bulldogs a medium or large breed.

Bulldog information including personality history grooming pictures videos and the akc breed standard. Im trying to figure out if i need to get large breed puppy food or regular puppy food for my 8 week old bulldog pup. I believe they are defined as medium due to their height but the lady at the feed store said their weight makes them a large breed.

As these breeds are currently registered with mainly american based canine clubs it can be speculated that the breed is native to the united states. A bulldog who understands its place in the human pack is nice to and reliable with all people. Bulldogs are short haired so they wont need a large amount of fat to keep their coats nourished.

The cute french bulldog breed often called a frenchie has its origins in a toy version of the english bulldog popular in the 1800s. When bulldogs are young they are full of energy but slow down as they get older. However im not sure how much difference there really is in.

This breed is good with family pets but some can be combative with strange dogs if they do not see themselves as followers in their pack. Plus since they are prone to weight gain which has a very negative impact on their health i recommend a dog food that contains no more than 13 fat for your bulldog. Bulldogs are typically stocky powerful square built animals with large strong brachycephalic type muzzles.

The breed made its way from england to france where it was crossed with other small dogs like the pug. The mountain bulldog is a large breed hybrid that is a cross between the english bulldog and the bernese mountain dog. Do you consider english bulldogs a medium or large breed.

After doing a bit of research pretty much everything ive seen is labeling ebs as large because of their bone density except for the akc websitewhere theyre said to be medium i.

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