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It is also known by the name the fluffy lion dog it likes to live alone and mostly mind his own business. They are described to be aloof and independent but do forge a deep bond with their family.

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I have a female chows thats a little over a year old and shes stubborn as heck.

Chow chow stubborn. Chow chow is for the kind of owner who can keep up with its not so social stubborn and aggressive behavior. Ive had her to puppy class and did the training exercises with her outsi. Sometimes i lose my patience with her and my voice gets pretty loud.

My chow chows are highly intelligent and very chow like and so are the other chows whose owners visit this site. I would suggest that your chow chow is the exception rather than the rule. Lila refuses to go home breaks down in lobby.

The chow chow siberian husky mix or chuskies as theyre also known as are medium to large sized dogs. Life with bon bon the most stubborn chow chow in tokyo. So i suggest there may be something wrong with your chow.

The owner who understands his loyalty devotion and values its intelligence will treasure chow. Discover chow chow tricks stubborn edition damen t shirt from stubborn tricks edition a custom product made just for you by teespring. This video is unavailable.

Chow chow or chow is very independent stubborn proud intelligent medium sized dog. With world class production and customer support your satisfaction is guaranteed. Stubborn chow chow tricks sit down shake come.

They are described to be aloof and independent but do forge a deep bond with their family. I never ever discipline her or reprimand her physically.

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