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Read on to know more about the looks temperament and other qualities of the border collie pit bull mix. Information about the most intelligent border collie pit bull mix.

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If youre looking for a medium sized dog whos got energy to spare consider the border collie pitbull mix.

Border collie lab pitbull mix. When you choose a mixed dog the combination of breeds can result in unique dogs that favor one breed or the other so their temperament health and even their appearance may be hard. Pitbull border collie mix size. Both pit bull and border collie are very responsive and friendly dogs.

This hybrid is a combination of an american pit bull terrier and a labrador retriever. To understand the origin of a mixed breed dog we need to know about their parent breeds. The pitbull lab mix is often referred to as the pitador or the labrabull.

This dog has high energy levels so she needs a lot of exercises. As both of his parents have working backgrounds you could argue that the border collie lab mix is a working dog. Plus we recommend she gets early socialization and training.

Contrary to the popular belief collie pit will make a wonderful addition to your home and become playmates with your kids while becoming a useful watchdog as well. Download a free border collie lab mix dog guide to find out everything about this pooch. This mixed breed combines the extremely smart border collie with the confident american pitbull terrier also known as the american staffordshire terrier.

The border collie lab mix will have a muzzle that is thinner and more tapered at the front. The border collie pit is a hybrid having border collie and pit bull terrier as parent breeds and can take on the physical characteristics of either or both parent breeds. The ears are similar to a labs they are just a bit shorter and this can be said of the body too.

Learn more about the lab pit mix including info on their looks and potential health conditions. Origins of border collie lab mix. So your pet might be medium sized or a larger version with a strong and sturdy well muscled body he could have a smooth or slightly wavy coat or a short stiff textured.

Mixed breed dogs arent always a perfect mix and many a times puppies tend to favor traits of one partner over anotherthat is to say they end up looking much more like one of the two breeds. A mix of a pit bull and border collie gives rise to a very intelligent and tough dog. However as its a mixed breed and is not currently registered with any major kennel clubs it is classed as a companion or designer dog.

The border collie pit is not a purebred dog. Border collie lab mix is a medium to large sized dog grows up to 15 17 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 35 65 pounds. The pitbull lab mix is an incredibly friendly and social crossbreed.

It is a cross between the border collie and the pit bull terrierthe best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. But before you get swept away by this dynamic dog lets learn more about them.

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