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Brown boston terrier with blue eyes too much white and a blue eye mismarks and blue eyes litter of blue white and lilac boston terrier puppies left to right lilac and white boston terriers are a beautiful hue of diluted brown sometimes referenced as such in place the word mismarks and blue eyes green eyed boston terrier blue terriers lilac. There is a lot of people who are against the breeding of colored boston terriers.

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Ein Boston Terrier Hat Einen Blauen Und Einem Braunen Auge

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In boston terriers albinism may produce the characteristic pink eyes or eyes may appear to be neutral or a very light blue green.

Brown boston terrier with blue eyes. Blue eyes is a trait in the boston terrier that can seem to crop up out of nowhere. Blue boston terriers dont qualify for the dog shows. Albinism is not a coat color per se.

With all colors of boston terriers lilacs do tend to darken with age. Sun exposure for long periods of time must be avoided. Grey boston terrier blue eyes.

However a blue boston terrier is a great companion dog and generally has a life span of 11 to 15 years. In bostons this should not be a problem. Best friend ive ever had.

A blue eyed bostons eyes are very sensitive to the sunlight and they often go blind. The eyes are set square in the skull and the outside corners are on a line with the cheeks as viewed from the front. Heres a paragraph i pulled off this site.

Blue eyes with a white coat carry a special risk of puppies being deaf. Eye color appears to be the strongest indicator in dalmatians so select against blue eyes. Rather it is a lack of pigmentation that produces a white appearing coat.

Size of pigment patches is another. Yes usually blue eyes are usually a sign of an extreme dilute gene. Brown boston terrier with blue eyes wallpaper backgrounds 1024x1365 px hd desktop wallpapers.

With more dilute brown boston terriers being produced we are seeing more variety in hue than ever before. 5 weeks old playing outside for the second time. There are even boston terriers with cracked blue eyes where part of the eye is blue.

The gene associated with blue eyes also tends to make them to be predominantly white and deaf. A sire and a dam who lack blue eyes can produce puppies with blue eyes just as a sire and a dam each having a blue eyes can produce a litter with no puppies having blue eyes. At least compared to dalmatians and it might take a reappraisal of the boston terrier standard to specify that less white rather than more white is desirable.

One very important note to make when looking at lilac boston terriers is that when their eyes first open the iris is a bright blue color. Blue boston terriers can live an healthy life as well as the standard boston terriers. Eyes blue in color or any trace of blue because boston terriers have large and beautiful but somewhat protruding eyes protecting them is extremely important.

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