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In fact this dog is susceptible to all kinds of diseases including those of genetic nature and certain eyes health problems. Chow chow comes from the chinese word chao meaning large dog of strength and the word ao meaning large strong dog.

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Possibly because of the role of their early ancestors most chows are excellent guard dogs only barking when there is something to bark at.

Chow chow asian dogs. 11 one author states that the chow chow was also bred for human consumption. One chinese ruler was said to own 5000 chows. History of chow chow.

To further investigate the origins of these breeds a study published in bmc genomics compares the genome sequences of chow chows gray wolves and other dogs to provide a fascinating insight into the development of east asian breeds and the distinctive features of the chow chow. One chinese legend mentions large war dogs from central asia that resembled black tongued lions. East asian dog breeds are one of the most ancient groups of dogs that radiated after the domestication of the dog and represent the most basal lineages of dog evolution.

East asian dog breeds like the chow chow are amongst the most ancient breeds of dog and represent a basal lineage of dog evolution. The chow chow is generally healthy but is certainly not in the category of healthiest dog breeds. I can do my own ka chow thank you very much.

Who else could be our top pick. Early representations of dogs look like chows in the appearance of pottery and painting from the han dynasty 206 bc 22 ad. The chinese also used chows to pull dog sleds and this was remarked upon by marco polo.

These dogs were also used to guard their owners possessions. It also makes them look more like a chubby and cute adorable dog. Regardless of that they are solid square in profile with a broad skull and petit triangular ears.

The word for miscellaneous goods in pidgin english from the east india trading company times was chow chow which may have been how the first dogs were listed in the consignment lists from china. Chow chow prayitno creative commons is that a dog or a bear. It and the chow chow are the only dogs to have blue tongues.

Guess what theyre even willing to fight for my life. Shiba inu maja dumat creative commons wow. One chinese king was said to have kept more than 2200 pairs of chows as hunting dogs.

It is referred as songshi quan which means puffy lion dog. Jason kazz 97603 views. Among these the chow chow is an ancient breed that embodies very distinct morphological and physiological features such as sturdy build dense coat and bluepurple tongue.

Its puffy and dense coat is its unique trait. Excuse me chow i dont need your help. The chow chow is a dog breed which developed in asia specifically in northern china.

Chow chow from 6 weeks puppy to one year old dog memorable cute funny flashback moments with jason duration. The chinese chow chow is one of the worlds most ancient dog breeds and was originally used for hunting.

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