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But this breed in no way possesses the overall nerve strength needed to become a good guard dog. Post by scarlets mom sun aug 17 2008 450 am it seems as if every time i hear anything about a chow its always how unpredictible they are mean cannot get along with other dogs hate strangers and will attack etc.

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C how chows are an ancient breed which originated in china.

Are chow chows mean. She is smart stubborn and picky. Chow chows have a complex temperament and an independent mind of their own. We cant put everything we know about chows here as time is limited.

Once the chow knows a stranger is. The chow chow looks. The chow chow is not recommended as a family dog especially given how likely children are to not recognize an animals space.

Any dog has the potential to be mean. No breed is mean. Chow chows are usually a dominant breed and it is crucial for you a owner to stay in the alpha position and not let your dog dominate you.

Chow chows are more independent than most dogs and are similar in many ways to a cat when it comes to their personalities. The dog reflects the training and care provided by the owner. Owning a chow chow can raise the cost of homeowners insurance because some companies consider them high risk dogs.

However this problem can be avoided if the owners train the chow chow at a young age. The chow is an affectionate and loyal breed and can be reserved with strangers. Why do chows have such a bad rep.

At first chow chows are very hesitant in interacting with strangers. The more people and other dogs you introduce him to the better. T he following is general information on chows.

You must show them through absolute consistency that you mean what you say. The chow chow has all of the ingredients to have a rotten temperament. They are also more difficult to train than other breeds.

Chow chows are reserved around strangers and tend to be very protective of family members. You must socialize your dog from an early age. If you train him to be mean then hey he will be mean.

There are statues of chows which are over 2000 years old but chows were not just a subject for artwork. Chow chows bond very closely with one or two people and they are often very territorial. Most individuals are willful and dominant they want to be the boss and will make you prove that you can make them do things.

Chows do have a reputation for being aggressive however with proper training and socialization he should be fine. Read more on chow chow training. Chow chow dog information page.

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