23+ Blue Nose Pitbull Cane Corso Mix

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You can find many cane corso pit bull mix dogs in shelters if you care to adopt. The cane corso pitbull mix like its parent breeds is a short haired canine and tends to grow very large and very strong.

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There is no way of knowing how friendly any dog will be without running it through a series of behavioral tests.

Blue nose pitbull cane corso mix. Although a rare gene you can even spot a blue cane corso pit bull mix if you are lucky. Just a vid showing my bud rocky sliding he is a cane corso gottirazors edge blue nose american pitbull terrier he is brillant and damn he is pretty his dad was 138 lbs. Just like humans dogs are individuals and their temperaments vary even in the same litter.

Expect an adult weight of between 70 and 115 pounds. They will have short hair like the pit bull and can vary in colors. Emma is very smart.

New babies best results ever 8 weeks old. She weights 93 lbs. Breeding specific dogs like this has become common in the last twenty years or so even though i am sure that this mixed breed found its share of dogs to the shelter due to accidental breeding.

Emma is one of the best dogs we have owned. They may not carry out specialized tasks though they make great family pets if socialized properly. Best cane corso pitbull mix ever at 18 months old this is our cane corso pitbull mix.

Cane corso pitbull mix history. All hybrid or designer dogs are tough to get a good read on as there isnt much history to them. This tahoe wreck caused cars and coffee towne lake to be cancelled plus burnouts and racing.

Cane corso pitbull mix appearance. His mom was 113he is. Even if a dog passes all its behavioral t.

So i have a cane corso pitbull mix he is about 7 months old very protective extremely loving he is great with his brother and sister which are two cats and hes even better with are two daughters he sleeps right by their side at night and if he hears any sounds he is there to investigate i love diesel. Some males may become extremely muscular although this is not all that common.

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