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Chow chows are known for their blue black tongues and it looks like this is a dominant trait. Should be given their first series of shots and the paper to prove it.

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The german chow shepherd mix or chow shepherd is one of the most striking designer dogs out there.

Chow mixed puppies. Look at pictures of chow chow puppies who need a home. The chow chow has some spitz characteristics. We are located in cabarrus county nc.

6 weeks old chow chow puppies for christmas. They are muscular dogs with a water resistant straight coat a broad neck and a typical thick nose and a broad muzzle. Because of this it has been proposed that the chow chow either descends from spitz forebears or is itself an ancestor of some of the spitz breeds.

Were sorry but this site doesnt work properly without javascript enabled. This crossbreed is a well built stocky sturdy new breed that relates to the size and temperament of both its parents. Equipped with a fluffy coat and boundless energy this hybrid can make big dog aficionados instantly smitten.

Your dog might have a splotchy multi colored tongue. Their looks are unpredictable as can be their temperaments and with their chow chow parent they have the potential for aggressive behavior. There is now 1 puppy left as of june 23 2009.

But lest that discourage you check out this video of super adorable golden chow puppies. The chow lab mix also known as a chabrador make for adorable puppies that can grow into friendly affectionate pets. Both parents are purebre.

Unfortunately the origin of the breed has been lost in time but it has been known in china for hundreds if not thousands of years. Why buy a chow chow puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life. The mouth will also probably be darker as well.

German shepherd canines arent suitable for everybody. However there are a few things you should know before you give your heart away. The lab chow is the offspring of the chow chow and the labrador retriever parents.

Husky mixed with chow puppies for sale you must always do a lot of research before you decide where to get your chow husky. Look at pictures of chow chow puppies who need a home. German shepherd chow mix puppies for sale we asked the professionals and we might favor all potential adopters of the noble breed the german shepherd to carry out analysis on these wonderful dogs.

If you choose to go with a breeder make sure that you purchase only from a reputable professional.

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