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Although cavalier king charles spaniel is undoubtedly considered a lapdog because of its size the cavalier is very brave and sporty. One of the most beautiful aspects of the cavalier king charles spaniel is the colours of its lovely silken coat.

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For many generations wealthy households have kept cavalier king charles spaniels as pets but in recent decades the breed has become a popular choice for all types of families.

Types of cavalier king charles spaniels. Often described as one of the quintessential lapdogs given their descendants used to provide comfort and companionship to the royals. Dont let what you find out here deter you from owning this lovable toy dog though. The average life expectancy of a cavalier king charles spaniel is between 10 and 16 years when properly cared for and fed an appropriate good quality diet to suit their ages.

The family had a natural affinity for the dogs prompting the name king charles spaniels. The cavalier king charles spaniel originated as did the king charles spaniel from the english toy spaniels. It is cheerful friendly non aggressive and an excellent and adaptable companion for many types of homes and lifestyles.

7 anerkannte britische hunderasseer ist eine nasenvariante des king charles spaniel d. If theyre not sitting on a lap or getting a belly. The good news is that cavs can.

H er hat eine langere nase als dieser und ist nach rassestandard durchschnittlich auch etwas grosser. As with any animal every living being has its share of health risks. During the reign of the stuart monarchy which encompassed the reign of both king charles i and ii the toy spaniels enjoyed growing popularity.

Cavalier king charles spaniels are a favorite dog breed but sadly the breed is also know to have more than average adverse health risks. King charles iis fascination with his toy spaniels led to the dogs being called king charles spaniels. The cavalier king charles spaniel is known to be a healthy dog but unfortunately the breed is known to have a history of heart problems.

After he died the duke of marlborough became the promoter of the breed. There is no guarantee that your dog will be diagnosed with any of these illnesses but its always good to be prepared. The breed is available in a variety of colours and the four recognized ones include blenheim ruby black and tan and tri colour.

The cavalier king charles spaniel is a small spaniel classed as a toy dog by the kennel club and the american kennel club that originated in the united kingdom. Der cavalier king charles spaniel ist eine von der fci nr. Although theyre born to be a companion the cavalier king charles spaniel dog breed retains the sporty nature of their spaniel ancestors.

These little dogs of royalty span a history of five centuries dating back to the 1500s. The cavalier king charles spaniel is one of the worlds most popular dogs. Since 2000 it has grown in popularity in the united states and ranks as the 19th most popular pure breed in the united states.

The toy breed have built a reputation for being friendly and outgoing dogs that love to be around other pooches and families.

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