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They are good in apartments. A3497499 dexter is a sublime 10 year old golden neutered male basenji and dachshund mix who was left at the baldwin park animal care center on june 24th with no reason given.

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The curiosity has finally gotten to me so i thought i would get some basenji owners opinions.

Dachshund basenji mix pictures. They are cute smart and affectionate. His ears are not always set back the way they are in the picture i will be attaching but when he is alert they perk up the way basenjis ears look. Basenji mix category contains pictures and descriptions of dogs that are crosses of basenji with other dog breeds.

They like their own way about things and are not the easiest dogs to train. Embark uses a comprehensive reference panel that includes akc registered basenjis recent basenji imports from the congo and an extensive panel of african village dogs who are the nearest relative of todays basenjis. Brat does not propose to know the parentage of mixes and by this statement it informs potential adopters that it cannot and does not assure that the parentage of basenji mixes.

In other words we know a basenji or basenji mix when we see one genetically speaking. So heres what happens when you mix them with 15 other breeds. They are also stubborn determined and sometimes sneaky.

Here you can know about all dachshund mixes with pictures breed profilesselect one for you and your. List of basenji mixed breed dogs. On the whole it is a loyal energetic and affectionate dog meaning that.

29 pins 283 followers follow. The whiteblonde dog in some of the pictures is a corgi lab mix. What others are saying the dorgi is a mix crossbred from the dachshund and the pembroke welsh corgi.

Chigger the christmas baby jack russell dachshund mixed breed. See more ideas about dachshund jack russell mix and dachshund mix. Dachshund and jack russell mix collection by anger east.

Links going to dogs mixed with the basenji with dog information and pictures. Dogs listed on our mix page are posted as a courtesy to individuals and shelters. They dont shed a lot and dont take up much space.

An awful lot of people love dachshunds. Merry christmas dog christmas animals jack russell mix jack russell terrier dachshund mix baby puppies funny dog pictures terrier dogs celebrating christmas. We list mixes with some physical characteristics that are shared by purebred basenjis.

Dachshunds are the best with their sausage like bodies and little waddle.

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