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The dogo argentino is one of the uks banned breeds. Example if your dog matches many of the characteristics of a pit bull terrier it may be a banned.

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However the pit bull is not specifically a breed of dog in its own right but refers more to a dog of a certain type that has common traits and often ancestry with dogs such as the staffordshire bull terrier the bull terrier and the american pit bull terrier.

American pit bull terrier banned uk. Facebook twitter google pinterestany dog can be a danger to the public but certain types of dogs are banned in the uk. Getty dogs come in all shapes and sizes and the squat muscular pit bull terrier with its sharp row of teeth is more than. Whether your dog is a banned type depends on what it looks like rather than its breed or name.

Pit bull terriers are also banned under the dangerous dogs act. Pit bull terriers originally bred for fighting are the only dogs that originated in the uk banned by the dangerous dogs act credit. What is the reason for it i am assuming since a lot of people on here think they are lovely dogs that our government has made a huge mistake and just banned them for no reason.

Make sure you know which breeds of dog are illegal in the uk. Image caption this is a pit bull terrier often confused with staffordshire bull terriers. The first of these the pit bull terrier.

Pitbulls are no longer welcome on british shores but why. Pit bull terriers pit bull type. If you own an unregistered banned dog you are committing a criminal offence.

The american pit bull terrier apbt is a purebred dog breed recognized by the united kennel club and american dog breeders association but not the american kennel club akc. Another breed currently banned in the uk is the japanese tosa. It is a medium sized solidly built intelligent short haired dog whose early ancestors came from the british isles.

The pit bull terrier is a popular pet in many countries of the world where ownership is permitted particularly the usa. Also what are the statistics for being attacked by a pit bull all i here about are the fatal attack statistics what about the people who survive attacks to tell the tale surely they are worth noting too when you. The dog breeds that are banned in the uk and why.

The breeds currently illegal are the dogo argentino fila brasileiro pit bull terrier and japanese tosa. Alamy what is the dangerous dogs act.

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