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Find out about the pit bull terrier and other breeds discover which dog breed might be the best to suit your home environment and lifestyle whether a professional dog or a toy dog a small dog or a hunting dog. A pit bull named petie starred in our gang.

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Some american pit bull terriers are dual registered as an american pit bull terrier with the ukc and as an american staffordshire terrier with the akc.

Pit bull breed profile. Because of the fact that pit bull type dogs are commonly misunderstood and even wrongly portrayed some people will fear your dog. Pit bulls tend to be very dependent on their humans and crave love and attention. Choose from a responsible breeder and make sure the puppy is properly socialized and handled.

In an effort to get back to the glory days of these dogs i have compiled an album of some great historical photos showing pit bulls of the past. It has short hair which is relatively smooth to the touch. 12 14 years typical health problems.

A minimum of training will produce a tranquil good obedient companion dog. The am staff is quite powerful and tends to be stoic in the face of pain. Breed profile written by susan thompson breed.

The pit bulls likeness was used in print advertisements as a symbol of stability and honor. American pit bull terrier apbt breed profile the american pit bull terrier apbt is a medium sized breed of dog. Originally bred to bait bulls the breed evolved into all around farm dogs and later moved into the house to become.

However this draws criticism from many who point out that the bloodlines have been separate for too long for these to be considered the same breed. Generally healthy may be subject to parvo hip displaysia hereditary cataracts and allergies. Commonly called a pit bull its history can be traced back to 1800s england where it was used in dog fighting.

The american pit bull terrier was introduced to the us in the early 1800s by boston irish immigrants. The american pit bull terrier is a companion and family dog breed. Contrary to its tough appearance the stafford is a gentle dog breed.

In america the pit bull flourished and was used in various wwi era war artwork the buster brown shoe company and rca used the breed as their mascot. American pit bull terrier american staffordshire terrier average life span. Dog trainers and animal professionals often recommend that american pit bull terrier complete canine good citizen certification as an added step in responsible dog ownership.

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