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There are qualities that i prefer in that breed over the corsomainly for temperament. Cane corsos are a breed of dog that has cropped ears.

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If you decided to leave your cane corso with uncropped ears no problem at all.

Cane corso ears uncropped. But are there negatives if i live them down or is it necessary to cut them. They love to play and they play hard. Big floppy ears will quickly become handles for another dog to bite hang on to drag around and hang off of.

I am getting my cane corso puppy ears cropped tomorrow and i know how i want them done but i was wondering if anyone knows of any good websites that describes how to do them so i could take that to my vet. Meet cane corso dog video. 21 mar posted by italian dog no comments cane corso ear crops ear infections in cane corsos.

I have a male cane corso. The cane corso is a high drive dog and these guys are very rough and tumble. The reasons for the cane corso breed being cropped are also functional preventing catching and tearing of the ears on a working dog and reducing health problems that stem as a result of the ears remaining un croped and floppy.

Cane corso ear crop. About time cane corso says that the modern cane corsos ears are cropped for three reasons. Additionally having hanging ears may also increase the risk of ear.

Answer by canecorso females and smaller corso always get called pit bull because of the short crop. I have read that their is an option to leave there ears natural or to crop them. I am sure its pretty painful.

Is it necessary to cut the ears of a cane corso. Cane corso dogs love them with their natural uncropped ears. If you have more than one cane corso this will become an important factor in your consideration.

He has done them before but im paying a lot and want them done right. Quite frankly i think if there is such an issue with to crop or not maybe getting a mastiff that doesnt regularly crop like a bull mastiff would be a better option. You may end up with several trips to the vet to have un cropped ears stitched back up.

I have owned many currently own one and co own anotherand yes i would have anotherbut im probably going to go into dogo canario full steam. Ear infections in cane corsos. Veja raca que foi trazida ao brasil pelo faustao.

Health issues aside the dramatic impact of un croped ears on the cane corso its look and breed type are profound. Aesthetics health of the dog and to prevent injuries to the ear due to its natural length. I like it when it hangs because it looks less scary lol.

Cane corsos typically play hard and can easily injure or tear their ears while roughhousing. But i have heard from other people that there ears should be cropped to avoid ear problems and that their ears are very sensitive. Cane corso dogs love them with their natural uncropped ears.

I dont know how true that is. You have increased the risk of an ear infection so i wanted to write this article fast to tell you of my. Im getting a cane corso and ive been hearing from people that you do have to cut it and others say its just a choice.

Nicks cuts and tears are very common when un cropped corsos play together. Ear infections in cane corsos. A corso without cropped ears is not a corso.

But if he needs to when is the cut off age to get their ears cropped. Ccs are outwardly pushy and reserved and defensive with strangers cropped ears not only have many health benefits but also plays. Discover ideas about mastiff italiano.

Some one told me 3 to 4 months. But i dont want him to have to do it if he doesnt need to.

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