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Top 5 apbt colours 1black 2white 3blue 4fawn 5brindle. 1967 shelby gt500 barn find and appraisal that buyer uses to pay widow price revealed duration.

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The american pit bull terrier south african association provide you with a color chart based on the american dog breeders association color chart of most commonly accepted colors for apbt to help you identify the color of your dog.

Apbt colors. If they do this means they have lost one of the primary and the most important temperament quality of the breed. Choosing an american pitbull terrier dog as a pet for your family is a wise choice. Sorry a true pure and honestly bred apbt should never have any degree of human aggression.

The breed is not recognized by the american kennel club akc but it is recognized by the continental. One of my responsibilities as a member of the staff of the american dog breeders association is to be the color expert. Read this article about american pitbull terriers and puppies.

American dog breeders association american pit bull terrier color chart for color identification of adba registered dogs. The american pit bull terrier apbt is a companion dog breed. When properly trained this dog is a loyal and affectionate family pet.

Websites and breed books dont provide the information on this color of the apbt i have heard pits were crossed with catahoula leopard dogs to get the merle gene but i have not found any information that supports this theorywhat kind of knowledge so you have on this. There are a lot more colors out there come on and donate. I believe that my many years of experience in the breed.

Any apbt showing any degree of unprovoked human aggression should be put down. The genetics of breed color in the american pit bull terrier by amy greenwood burford bs. Merle color in pit bulls.

The pitbull dog breed is an energetic working dog and tough looking if you want to know the temperament history health problems and other important facts about apbt. Apbt and the merle pattern. Apbt color gallery.

Some beautiful dogs on this page scroll on down and enjoy. Also applies to american bullies and american staffordshire terriers. Jerry heasley recommended for you.

These dogs are muscular and powerful but are naturally aggressive only toward other animals not humans.

Color Chart Apbt Saa American Pit Bull Terrier Association

Color Chart Apbt Saa American Pit Bull Terrier Association

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