23+ Is A Pitbull A Good Family Dog

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It is something you can show potential landlords or neighbors as proof that your dog is a good canine citizen. Unless you just want them to smother intruders with hugs and kisses.

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Any dog can benefit from the canine good citizen program.

Is a pitbull a good family dog. Any other dog that resembles a mix with a pitbull and other dog is to be destroyed. For pit bulls it can also provide proof that you have a well behaved friendly pet. Your pit bull will be you and your familys best friend from the day you take them home to the day they pass away.

A pitbull is a short muscular and athletic dog whos ancestors came from ireland and england hundreds of years ago. The dalmatian is one breed that really benefits from time and patient instruction. Dalmatians are intelligent playful active protective gentle social and relatively non aggressive.

Pit bulls are a loyal people oriented breed that thrive as part of the family. The problem comes when there are pitbull mixes mixed breed dogs of any kind have a much much greater risk of temperment problems and also when people mistreat them. These dogs have many negative stereotypes associated with their breed.

Here are some factors to consider when adopting or buying a pit bull to ensure the safety of your family and those around your dog. Is your dog from a good breeder. They are affectionate with both adults and.

Many people ask this question about pit bulls are pit bulls good family dogs well i want to believe that after reading the below reasons why every family out there will crave for a pitbull in their home. If you are having a bad day one look at your pit bulls huge smile and lolling tongue will surely make you smile and their zest for life is infectious. Its just one more step in changing the publics perception of the pit bull as a vicious dog.

Pitbull a family dog or a fighting breed. If you get it from a good breeder and train it properly just like any other dog then a pitbull is a fantasic family dog. Pit bulls are not necessarily dangerous dogs.

In fact most are not when raised correctly like you would raise any other dog. Pit bulls are great with children. Anubody who has said no to this is ignorant.

It is true that any breed of dog even mixed breed dogs can. They are relatively healthy. Dalmatians make good family dogs in many circumstances but like all dog breeds they have strengths and weaknesses.

Pit bulls are great for your mental health. While pit bulls are not good guard dogs because they just love people so much they may intercede if someone threatens their humans. The pit bull smile.

As long as you have papers that state it is a pure breed pitbull the dog is allowed. While they will be naturally protective of their family and their property because pitbulls are so people orientated they do not make good guard dogs.

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