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My vet gave me an antibiotic forgot the name. Inspect their paws and coats for any sores or swelling.

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Nica is allergic to canned food now i give her only dry eucanuba brand.

Chow chow eyes. This was due to antibiotics and eye drops eliminating bacterial infections. Entropion is a deformity of the eyelids common in chow chows such that they are turned inwards resulting in the eyelashes constantly rubbing on the surface of the eye causing irritation discomfort and pain. Introduce the process of grooming early in order to accustom them to being handled by the owner.

More skin need to be cut. The eye lashes poke the corneas causing ulceration pain and infection with yellow eye discharge. I havent known one personally.

In this breed sometimes all it takes is an awkward run up the stairs to tear their ligament. Both upper and lower eyelids rolled inwards. Just curious if all blue chows have blue eyes or if he is just unique.

Eye diseases in chow chows. We had a cream chow growing up and she had very dark brown eyes. The breed is distinguished by its unusual blue blackpurple tongue and very straight hind legs resulting in a rather stilted gait.

And the rest of our chows were black or blue and they all had brown eyes. Everything about the chow chow captures the imagination from its magnificent lion like appearance to its long and storied history but nothing catches the eye quite like his tongue. Cruciate ligament rupture occurs regularly in chow chows because breeders insist on their dogs having abnormally straight hind legs with tight ligaments.

My chow nica is 15 year old and started having watering eyes after 1 year. Also the vet said they would probably not change as puppies eyes usually change at 4 to 5 weeks and he is now 9 weeks old. The breed is distinguished by its unusual blue blackpurple tongue and very straight hind legs resulting in a rather stilted gait.

Ive never seen that before so on any other chows that ive owned but then again ive always owned red chows not blue ones. In turning of the eyelids conformational entropion developmental entropion. The upper eyelids roll in much more than the lower eyelids at around 180 to 360 degrees inwards.

Chow chow eyes are typically deep set and almond shaped. Hes a blue chow but has blue eyes. For optimal chow chow health c heck their ears nose and eyes for discoloring inflammation infection or parasites.

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