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It originates from italy where it was used to protect the properties hunt large animals such as wild boars and herdescort pig and cattle to the market. Therefore they will not go out looking for a fight but on the other hand they will not back down from other dogs who try to dominate them.

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Cane Corso Breed Information

Its name derives from cane da corso an old term for those catch dogs used in rural activities for cattle and swine as distinct from cane da camera which indicates the.

King corso dog information. The first corso import arrived in. See more ideas about cane corso dogs and big dogs. Find all cane corso dog breed information pictures of cane corsodogs training photos and care tips.

The average litter size of cane corso is 4 to 6 puppies. The cane corso is not a fighting dog. He will want to be near you but hes not demanding in terms of attention or physical touch.

Cane corso the powerful cane corso has a life expectancy of 10 to 11 years. Cane corso is a type of mastiff that belongs to the group of working dogs. The cane corso loves his family but hes not demonstrative about it.

This robust dog needs his share of exercise but above all he requires personal interaction and lots of companionship. Learn everything about cane corso dogs. The cane corso requires an experienced owner who knows how to display a natural authority over the dog.

Modernization of the farms led nearly to the extinction of this breed in the 20 th century. Thanks to the great effort of the group of cane corso fanciers that was. The cane corso is powerful and athletic best suited to an experienced owner who has a large.

Cane corso dog breed. This dog is large powerful intelligent active and headstrong. The society amorati cane corso society of cane corso lovers was formed in 1983 and by the following decade corsi were being exhibited in european dog shows.

A cane corso needs a leader who can guide him with firmness and consistency without using force or cruelty. The cane corso is a descendant of the old roman molosser. Origin the cane corso is one of two mastiff type breeds that originated in italy and descended from the canis pugnax a large and powerful roman war dog.

They were bred as powerful working dogs for hundreds of years. Jul 4 2016 explore maxandgrinchs board king corso followed by 161 people on pinterest. This old italian dog breed was developed to guard property and hunt big game such as wild boar.

When it comes to athleticism agility speed energy level and sense of adventure the cane corso cah nay cor so easily outdoes the other mastiff breeds.

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