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An american pit bull terriers size is 18 21 inches at the withers for males and 17 20 inches for females. A brindle pitbull can also have brindle points point coloration in an animal is when the body is a light color and the extremities ears tail feet etc have darker fur.

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While most of us may think that a brindle pitbull is a separate dog breed its not.

American pitbull dog brindle. Brindle pit bulls a member of the american pit bull breed are definitely handsome but not all that rarethe only thing differentiating him from other pit bulls is his coat color. Read our review on best affordable dog food for pitbulls. You may notice that they shed more during the warm months of the year but this is completely normal for any animal with fur.

The brindle pitbull also has some differences from its fellow pitbull breeds. Though brindle is technically not a color it is rather a pattern and the name given to a multi colored coat. These dogs are not heavy shedders which mean that grooming them is a cinch.

Quite possibly brindles often catch everyones notice. The brindle pit bull is not recognized as a separate breed from the american pit bull terrier but is rather one of the many variations in color of the breed. The pit bull breed is a fascinating type of dog breed and brindle pitbull is one good example.

This pitbull breed relationship other animals is not cozy at best. How to train your dog not to pull on the leash. If you love the pitbull breed and are looking for one with special markings on its coat this dog could be right for you.

Stop chasing or lunging at cars on a walk. An american pitbull terriers coat and a brindle pit bulls coat is short smooth and is rather stiff to the touch. What is a reverse brindle pitbull.

However these beautiful brindles have some interesting genetics leading to their colorful coats. There is a type of brindle coloration called reverse brindle in a normal brindle dog the lighter color is more prominent than the darker color. A siamese cats markings are an example of points.

Zak georges dog training revolution 2796023 views. The brindle pitbull comes in a variety of beautiful colors like yellow lilac silver and blue. The brindle pitbull is not a separate breed to its solid pattern brothers and sisters.

The brindle pitbull dog can trace its origins back when the united kingdom populace entertained themselves via blood sports. It is a medium sized solidly built intelligent short haired dog whose early ancestors came from the british isles. Out of all the pitbull breeds the brindle pits are one of the most visually striking and easily identifiable dogs.

The american pit bull terrier apbt is a purebred dog breed recognized by the united kennel club and american dog breeders association but not the american kennel club akc. The dog will go along with other dogs provided that they dont try to dominate the american pit bull terrier. Is brindle the best.

There dogs that have lots of similarities to their other cousins and yet they have differences that mark term apart from other.

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Brindle Pitbull Complete Guide Family Guardian Or Dangerous

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