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Each collie has to be treated as an individual with individual needs. Origin of the border collie breed.

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Von der fci wird der border collie seit 1976 anerkannt.

Border collie history. The breed is developed for the purpose of herding livestock especially sheep. The name border collie came from the simple fact the breed had been developed in a place on the anglo scottish border. Border collies will chew bark howl and dig when left alone for too long unless they are properly exercised.

In deutschland gibt es border collies seit den 1970er jahren 1978 wurde der erste border collie ins zuchtbuch des clubs fur britische hutehunde eingetragen. Das wort collie bedeutet nutzlicher gegenstand und steht inzwischen fur eine ganze reihe von hutehunden die collies. In our opinion there is no such thing.

As a breed they may be intelligent active and worky but no two collies have the same personality. They shed lightly throughout the year and heavier during the change in. Border collies are not high maintenance in the grooming department.

The border collie as a breed was originated in northumberland a place on the very border of england and scotland. The border collie is often referred as the most intelligent of all breeds. Follow us to the ibca.

Because they need so much exercise it can be difficult to prevent severe anxiety. Often people will call and say that they have a typical border collie. The dogs were bred from different stock including bearded collies old english sheepdogs smooth and rough coated collies pembroke and cardigan welsh corgis highland collies.

The breed began on the british isles in the sixteenth century and evolved in the border country areas of scotland and england. Every collie is different every collie is an individual. Border collies have a very rich and interesting history.

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