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Although they have a scowling expression youll still love them from their various coat types to their daily exercise needs. It is in the breeds nature to be quiet and well behaved but it is also resistant to training.

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The chow chow or simply chow is an ancient breed which was developed in northern china more than 2000 years ago.

All about chow chow breed. Miscellaneous items including dogs were referred to as chow chow and the name stuck to the breed. British merchants in the late 18th century included some of the bearlike dogs in their cargo. In 1903 this breed was officially recognized by the american kennel club.

In the movie the lady and the tramp chow chow cute puppy appeared. This versatile dog breed was bred for quite a few purposes primarily for hunting grazing livestock transporting goods and also for protection. As a large breed chow chow can face a problem of hip dysplasia that can be hereditary.

Chow chow is unique not due to blue lips and tongue but their lion like appearance is exotic. From their various coat types to their daily exercise needs. Famous psychoanalyst had a chow dog named jofi usually it sits in his sessions.

This breed of dog has many strong loyal bonds with friends and family but the chow chow dog is usually overly protective of one or two main family members. They are used as working dogs in china. Find out all about these big teddy bears.

Right breed for you. The chow chow an all purpose dog of ancient china presents the. However chows are nowadays more popular as companion dogs.

If they are facing this health condition it becomes difficult for them to move from one place to another due to sharp pain on the back. The chow chow can have the following possible health condition during their lifetime. Chow chow information including personality history grooming pictures videos and the akc breed standard.

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