23+ Red Double Dapple Dachshund

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As can be seen on the picture red dachshund has a litter of double dapple puppies. Double dapple dachshunds will also have white markings on large areas of the body.

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Dapple Dachshund The Ultimate Dapple Doxie Dog Breed Guide

Double dapples image of a double dapple dachshund that the red foundation rescued in 2017.

Red double dapple dachshund. This is also a color combination that you will find in smooth haired dachshunds as well as longer haired or wiry haired types of the breed. Over all normal dachshund colours. You will recognise a dapple dachshund most easily when it is on one of these base colours black tan red or chocolate tan.

One parent must be dapple to get dapple puppies. Another colouring that is being advertised as rare is the double dapple. Sometimes in reds the dappling is darker.

When two dapple markings overlap it creates a double dapple pattern thats even more intricate than the single dapple dachshund coat. The red dapple is a combination of a dark red almost rust color with shades of darker spots mixed in. Yet once they do mature it will soon become apparent.

When both parents are dappled each will pass on the dapple or merle gene to create double dapple dachshund puppies. Only occurs when both parents are. Whats a double dapple dachshund.

A lighter colored chest is common with this color combination sometimes appearing to be a tan color. Most common in black and tans but can occur in any color. Generally a dd wont be advertised as double dapple and instead as a dapple.

Although we now know what problems double dapple breeding can cause for dachshunds it is not as easy to understand why they are still bred. In fact the mother has a dapple gene but the dappling. Double dapple is the colour of a dog.

In addition to having even more intricate kaleidoscopic color patches double dapples usually have large areas of white on their bodies. Blue dapple isabella dapple chocolate dapple and red dapples. The reason why most would want to breed double dapple dachshunds is to achieve these interesting new color patternsdouble dapple dogs also often have interesting eye colors but usually due to the problems mentioned above.

Some dappling is very bright and noticeable. The way you can tell them apart is that a double dapple is likely to have very large patches of. If the dappling occurs in the eyes the eyes are blue.

The color is usually lighter than the base color kind of a silvery shade. When two dapple dachshunds are bred with each other they can both pass on the dapple gene to get a double dapple dachshund puppy. It means you may not be able to fully identify if your dachshund is a double dapple until red or cream color fades as they grow into an adolescent.

Other dogs have so little of the dapple pattern that it is not easily seen. What is double dapple.

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