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A malti poo is a cross between a poodle and a maltese. Es gibt sie in grau schwarz weiss apricot braun oder auch gescheckt.

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The toy poodle is about the same height though he may carry up to 10 pounds on his frame.

Maltese poodle brown. It is one of hundreds of designer hybrid dogs that have become increasingly popular in the last two decades. The toy poodle may wear a black white brown gray or silver coat like the other larger poodle breeds the standard and miniature. Find brown maltese puppies and dogs from a breeder near you.

The poodle is available in a wider range of colors than the maltese who tends to be white or tan. They have a well proportioned body with a muscular and athletic built blended with the soft fluffy appearance of both its parent. Poodles come in many colors such as apricot cream black white and brown.

It has become a popular choice both as a companion and family pet because of its loving and affectionate nature. They are extremely lively and playful and even as a maltese ages its energy level and playful demeanor remain fairly constant. If you like a wide variety of colors than a maltese poodle mix might be right for you.

The maltipoo maltese x poodle mix is a cute cuddly adorable designer dog created by mixing the maltese and the miniature or toy poodle. These dogs also go by such names as malt a poo maltipoo or malt a poo. Maltese poodle mix appearance.

The maltipoo is well known as a sweet and loving companion animal. Both poodles and maltese dogs are known for their engaging and charming personalities. Durch die kombination von pudel und malteser ist das fell etwa mittellang mehr oder weniger gekrauselt und fuhlt sich seidig und fein wollig an.

Meet both the poodle and maltese parents and make sure they both have temperaments you would be happy to share your life with. With the poodle getting high marks for. Not actually a dog breed per se the maltipoo is a popular cross of the maltese and poodle known for his fun loving and affectionate natureactive and charming he can fit into all kinds of homes.

Its also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Maltese are bred to be companion dogs. With so much variety youll be sure to find a color and style.

The poodle maltese mix was developed fairly recently in the 1990s when breeders wanted to combine the poodles hypoallergenic coat with the other breeds looks and personality. When you mix this with a white maltese you get varying shades and patches of color. Some maltese may occasionally be snappish with smaller children and should be supervised when playing although socializing them at a young age will reduce this habit.

Die farbe eines maltipoo kann je nach pudel elternteil variieren.

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