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If you can handle these requirements and are not allergic then this is one of the best breeds to have as a pet. Both breeds are medium in build with a height of 55 60 cm for the retriever and 46 56 cm for the chow chow.

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This is because they are obedient affectionate and easy to train.

Black lab golden retriever chow mix. This crossbreed is a well built stocky sturdy new breed that relates to the size and temperament of both its parents. The golden retriever chow mix often referred to as the golden chow is a beautiful hybrid breed that looks a bit like a fluffy teddy bear. When you have a golden retriever chow mix you have a chance of having one temperament or the other or a combination of both.

And of course a yellow lab chow mix with a cream colored chow parent will likely be lighter in color. For instance a black lab chow mix especially if the chow parent has black fur will likely be black. This was all about the golden retriever chow chow mix breed.

They are known for being fluffy aloof and devoted pets. They are muscular dogs with a water resistant straight coat a broad neck and a typical thick nose and a broad muzzle. See more ideas about dogs chow chow and golden retriever mix.

The mix between a golden retriever and a chow chow can look quite good as you can see below. They are a combination of a chow chow and a golden retriever and these dogs look so cuddly and fluffy. The golden retriever is a very good family dog friendly with both the members.

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular family dogs out there. Feb 1 2016 explore loveoregonc1076s board chowretriever mix on pinterest. Black lab golden retriever mix.

Be sure to research your pups parents to find out more. The lab chow is the offspring of the chow chow and the labrador retriever parents. The chow lab mix is a crossbreed between the chow chow and the labrador retriever two large dogs with very different personalitiesone is a loyal but proud and independent spirit frequently called the cat dog while the other is friendly with everyone and loves to play and hang around her owners all the time.

The golden retriever and chow are almost the yin and yan of the dog temperament world. Although it is a fantastic pet to have it does require specific care. The golden retriever chow mix tries to capture the loyalty of the chow chow and the affability of the golden.

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