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Its true that blue french bulldog puppies are hard to breed however the result is simply thrilling. Hi we have 2 regular pied and 1 merle pied french bulldog puppies for sale in houston texas asking 1800 each for the regular pied pups 1 boy 1 girl 2500 for the merle pied boy.

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Meet our lilac merle male french.

French bulldog merle pied. Worse still blue merle french bulldogs are known to have a skin inflammatory condition that ruptures their skin. The blue sable french bulldog. About merle french bulldogs merle is a dominant gene on average half the puppies in a litter will be merle.

The blue sable french bulldog has a fawn coat with strings of blue tipped hairs on the back. Coupled with a weak immune system the life spans of the rare colored french bulldogs becomes very limited. The rare color species of french bulldogs.

This pattern is definitely one of the most beautiful in. Merle french bulldog health. Right now she enjoys.

The color variations of a blue french bulldog blue merle french bulldog. We breed the finest french bulldog puppies of exotic colors. She is quite the cutie.

We are french bulldog breeders and we handle all colors of this beautiful breed just ask and we will send you our puppies available immediately. Beautiful pied blue puppy available for delivery in 12 days info dm for more info in this veriaty of frenchie dm us. This video is unavailable.

Female french bulldog puppies french bulldog puppies for sale lilac french bulldog puppies pied french bulldog puppies female lilac pied. Quality french bulldog puppies with full akc registration available. Meet belinda our lilac pied female french bulldog.

Appearance the ideal merle french bulldog is bred to the akc french bulldog standard with sturdy bone structure and a typical frenchie head and. For the finest frenchies for sale in the us feel free to contact us at 954 861 7962 or email us. Afterward staph infections creep in.

Sold lilac merle male french bulldog. Just look nat that cute little patch covering her eye. Call or text bryan 713 447 4952.

The blue merle and other rare color species of french bulldog are prone to allergies and poor health conditions due to their genetic disorder known as color dilution alopecia. In the end a french bulldog breeder cant put his previous efforts on risk and not to plan every step. In fact most of the newborns die after a couple of weeks.

Since french bulldogs have small litters i usually only have one or two merles per litter. Our frenchies produced are blue chocolate lilac lilac and tan pied brindle and blue and tan french bulldog puppies.

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