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A regular fully grown teacup maltese weighs between 2 and 4 pounds. We have a great guarantee which covers all our teacup puppies and toys covered for 14 day viral and one year guarantee.

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However before buying this breed you must know the basics of the pet allergies and why you may still experience the reactions of allergy even in the presence of hypoallergenic breed like teacup maltese.

Teacup maltese size. Yes teacup maltese is considered as a hypoallergenic breed of dog because they are compact in size and they dont shed at all. They can not guarantee the dog will be smaller. It is important to note that teacup maltese is significantly smaller than the regular maltese when growing up.

Or less at adult weight. These dogs are friendly and soft sprightly and eager in action. We have absolutely stunning teacup maltese teacup yorkies for sale teacup pomeranian puppies for sale teacup poodle puppies morkies for sale teacup maltipoos puppies for sale and much more.

But teacups are significantly smaller when compared to a regular maltese. Because of their size a teacup maltese would do best in a home without small children. The male species of a regular maltese is normally 8 10 inches tall at the shoulders while their female counterparts are usually 8 9 inches tall.

Cathys maltese provide families all over the us and canada with beautiful maltese maltipoo puppies. Is a teacup maltese right for me. Maltese known as teacups or simply teacup maltese are purebred maltese that fall into an even smaller size category of just 4 lbs.

In fact they. If youre set on adopting a miniature maltese we recommend adopting a cross breed as opposed to one bred using other methods. Although you will need to be careful that the breed it is mixed with is healthy.

Cathys maltese provides apricot maltipoo puppy maltese breeder teacup non shedding tiny miniature maltese dog stunning maltipoo puppies for sale in maryland nj ny usa. To better get the idea of their petite size teacup maltese are so small that you can easily fit them in a teacup when they are puppies hence their name. Regular maltese dogs are small dogs categorized by the american kennel club under the toy group.

Overlooking his size the teacup maltese own a strong attitude to behave like a friendly life long companion. These selling terms of teacup maltese miniature maltese and the toy size maltese refer to the same type of dog which in reality is just a maltese which is likely to be a smaller size maltese as an adult then the average size maltese dog. Teacup maltese are one of the most sought after breeds here at teacups puppies and boutique.

We are a puppy store that take. The teacup maltese is a cool and charismatic toy dog covered completely from top to bottom with a long silky pure white hair.

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